i am from apple,from esclipse and bed.
i am from the skateboard, recliner, and the kitchin that alawys smells good
i am from the cactus, rose fresh cut grass
i am from the road trips and the family that spends money, steve and leah
i am from love and hate
i am from benifit to nonbenifit
i am from lancaster to rent
i am from cheese burger to corn
i am from pushdown to pull up the heartfelt
i am from the beach

theme for english B
Go home and write
a page tonight
and let that page come out of you
then it will be true
i am good person
i am funny
i am white
i am friendly
i love to skateboared

The articfact i have identifies me. because it was givin to me by my friend Kenny, he passed away. so it means a lot to me because everytime i look at it , it reminds me of of him and all the memories i had with him. Another reason why it means a lot to me is because it was made of a part of a motorcycle and he used to love to ride and it also means a lot to me in that way.

6 word
stand tall and stand totally free

killers free write
if i could be anybody in the story it would be nick because i am an out going person who cares about people and worrries about people and if they are okay and if someone is hurt i try to help them out in anyway!
when i grew up
i realized i wasnt a kid when i hade to start paying bills and haveing to pay for stuff like my car and my gas and insurence and i had to get a job and pay for things.