I am from the pink brush, from the play house, and gold & diamonds.
I am from a trailer that hasn't forgotten the scent of Timeless.
I am from the Black Walnut tree I planted with Grandpa, the reservoir.
I am from '55 Chevys and full lips, from Mom and Pop.
I am from weekends at Grandmas' house and a porch full of friends.
From "Only boring people get bored" and "Here comes our favorite part, kids."
I am from Catholicism (baptized not confirmed) and going to Bridgeville just for Grandma Esther.
I'm from Lancaster County and the Irish, Humpty Dumptys, Perdue chicken dinners.
From the wild stories of "Barb and Jake," the friends who are family, and sisters.
I am from the shop ("It's back by the paint department") that holds it all.

6 Word Memoir
"Lost Mom. Became one. Same week."
I wrote this memoir because the two most life altering moments for me were losing my mom to Leukemia and becoming a mother myself. I found out the day after Mom's funeral that I was pregnant. After trying to have a child for 6 years, the doctor had told me that I would not have children without medical assistance. Thankfully, he was wrong and I now have two amazing children (plus one stepson).