Where I'm From

I am form charger. from Dodge and challanger.

I am from the smelly Farmland and beautiful magestic city Lancaster.

I am from the corn, rose honey, and the pomaganet, rose bush.

I am from camping in Gettysburg and chillin, from Doreen, and Unckle Mike.

I am from the pickle in the Christmas tree and forgeting everything.

From not talking to stangers and being peacful.

I am from believing in a higher power that isn't god.

I'm from Lancaster and Germany, pomaganet.

From the vacation by myself in Tully, NY with my cousin Doreen, to playing man hunt from midnight to 5am, and the working with her dad Unckle Mike while she was at work.

I am from the dark wall of my house, full of many things to do with all of my empty space.

Using RACE with Your Identity Artifact

The article that makes up part of mt identity is my Jimi Hendrix button with a quote he made up.
This button means a lot to me because I got it in New Mexico and has the greatest quote of all times on it.
The quote says "When The Power Of Love Overcomes The Love Of Power, The World Will Know Peace".
Another detail about the button is that it represents what I live for and what I believe in.
I live for peace and I very much am against war and fighting.
Being loving to the world is what I live for.
My button of Jimi Hendrix represents the aspects of my life and who I am.

Race for lyrics by Attack Attack. Smokahontas

While analyzing the speaker's tone within the text, I find his tone to be rather aggravating and quite dark. It's aggravating because of the way the lyrics are written. They are written with anger in his voice like when he says "How do you expect me to trust you when everything you say is a lie?". Secondly the tone is dark because I believe he is talking about a girl that broke his heart and he has to tun to his family because everything she says is a lie. An example of the is when he says "I'm sticking up for my friends I can count on , This is loyalty, this is a family". This is what I thought of these lyrics while analyzing the speaker's tone in the text.

The killer's free write

I am most like Ole because of the way he takes in things. If something is going to happen, I will just wait until it comes and until then, it will stay in the back of my head until I need it again. I don't really like to take action until the moment come when I have to. Life is not here to be depressed, worried, or mopy. I like to live my life, not worry bout a thing and have a good time.

6 word memoir

Peace and War Can't Make Cake.