I am from cat, from bed and dresser.
I am from the open broken cold.
I am from the rose, the color.
I am from Christmas cookies and respect, from Dawn and Jen
I am from the football and church.
From respect and love.
I ma from cross. bible.
I'm from New York, grains.
From the dad, the goofy, and the calm.
I am from scattered around house.
I am busy but I know they are always there.

Artifact Identity
An artifact that represents my identity is my Steven Curtis Chapman d.v.d. The DVD represents my religion and type of music i listen to. i am a christian and this music is christian. another detail about the d.v.d that represents my identity is that i enjoy watching concerts. When i got this DVD one year for Christmas, that was one of the first concerts i watched. My Steven Curtis Chapman DVD represent my identity and in one of my many artifacts.

Free Write
I remember when i was in second grade and my best friend named Bri moved to California. I was upset and thought I would never go near a horse, ride a horse or have another friend like her.then when i was in fourth grade i met my friend named Chelsie. We were best friends till I moved to New York and we could only talk. Then in May of 2006 when I called to talk to her i found out that I could no longer talk to her because she was always crying when we got off the phone. I felt the same all over again like when Bri moved away.

Quick write
I am a christian. Respectful,responsible, helpful, and caring. I want others to see me as loyal, caring, and honest. I live life to Gods full potential and attend church and worship him. i feel refueled when i go to church and listen to christian music. I enjoy watching movies, t.v shows, listening to music, and being around family and kids. I feel like I am serving the Lord when I work in the nursery, 4's and 5's. I also enjoy babysitting.

Free Write
The character reaction that most clearly fits what I would of done is Nick. Nick was caring and smart. He wanted to warn Anderson about what was going to happen. For me to be in that situation I would of warned the person and I would of gone to the cops even if that person did not want me to.