Pachaa/ Pha Cha

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An artifact that presents part of my identity is my golden necklace. I've had my necklace for a some years now, it was a gift, and is very important!

My mom bought me the necklace when i was 11. So it been about 6 years now.

The fact my mom bought me the necklace it represents two things about me ; I'm the only girl she's ever had, and the symbole on it is the letter P on the pendent; It represents my real name in our language Pa Cha.

My necklace is important to me, the letter on my necklace help explain aspets of my identity.

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I am Caramel,from, pocky and box

Iam from the Sandbox.

I am from the flower,the rose

I am from small eyes,and asian,from khou and pai

I am from the blacked hair and small eyes.

From under the bed and the closet

I am from Christ. Jesus .

I'm from Laos ,rice and greens

From the masked, the small eyes

I am from Asia

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