Where I'm From,
I am from my phone, from my apple and my phone is my life.
I am from the brick house on main street thats cozy and warm.

I am from a seed to a root to a rose, the seed, root, and rose is how it all started.

I am from the beach with my family and honest, from my mom and the Higgins family tree.

I am from the chistan family and close family filled with love.

From always working hard to achive something and grow a tough skin.

I am from a gift of god that is blessed to be here. Family has tought me a lot and made me who I am today.

I'm from Lancaster Pennsalvania from the dutch lands of the amish, chicken and corn pie that we eat at my grandma's.

From the talks about my resting grandmother and the smiles she put on our faces, the strongest and closenest she brought to my dads side of the family, and the bond I have with my 16th month older sister.

I am from my house filled with memories and love, disneys worlds dreams, and soccer memories that will last a life time. I am Morgan Higgins and I am big hearted that see's the best in everyone.

Something I couldnt Control
I remember one time I got in trouble and I had no control over it. My friends and I were at a drive in movie at the school freshman year and someone gave me "water" it was not, it was alchol. They told me it was water and I took a sip of it and someone told on us. The whole car got in troble and that next moday in school we all had to go to the office and explained what happened. I didnt do anything wrong but the office didnt believe us. So finally the guy that made this whole mess told the office everything and we were fine. It just shows how people can be so mean and annoying. I never talked to that kid again. It was scary though because I could of got kicked off the soccer team. My lesson learned I will never take a drink from a person again unless there my close friend.

My Artifact
The artifact that represents a part of my idendity is my Iphone. My phone is not just a phone it is my life that tells me where I have to be, tells me to wake up, keeps me ocupied when I'm bored, and lots more. The reason I vaule my phone so much is because it tells me when my soccer practice is, sends me inportant emails, and gets me to school on time. My phone represents my passion towards friends, whats going on in the world, and games on the iphone. I'm either texting my friends non stop or playing games, reading online news or books. Also I have the intenet, facebook, twitter, and I love photophaphy so I have the camera. My phone is very important to me, and the details of my phone explain who I am and the you will never see me without it on me.