THE Where I’m from template

I am from nature, from green and hot weather. I am from the nice breeze I am from the beautiful trees I am from waking up in the morning and going to Sunday church smelling that good smell of oatmeal. From happy and helpful. I am from Christianity and faith. I am from Ponce Puerto Rico smelling that good rice and beans went its diner time. From the laughing, the funny family that always think positive I am from a thankful family who is thankful for what we have

I see myself as a very energetic person. I am always happy .I can put a smile in a sad person. I want people to see me as nice kid that has a beautiful personality and a helpful kid I don’t want people to see me as a bad kid who is always in trouble and no one likes I want to be a successful person in the future.

Smart, talented, dream chaser , long process