Lindsey T Evans

Where I'm From

I am from a dream catcher home, from suave and cowboys stuff.

I am from the warm feeling.

I am from the sunflower, the rose.

I am from christmas with my family and sunday football days, from amanda and Crystal.

I am from Live, Laugh, Love and stinky butt.

From i was found under a rock and was as bratty as could be.

I am from a christian family that goes to church ever sunday.

I'm from Lancaster, rice & beans.

from the sister that puts prinkles and chips in my romen, and the brother that fell off the bunk bed.

I am from the wall that means a lot.

dream.jpg(dream catcher)

My artifact is my stethoscope. I have always wanted to be a nurse. Helpingpeople has always been on the top of my list. I love to work with babies they are my life. Another detail is the caring part. It dosn't matter who they are or what is wrong. I will do my best to help the,. This represents the caring I have for other people and my future of nursing.

Treated Unfair
I have the 2 brothers and 3 sisters and I happen to be the second youngest but my little sister wasn't born till not that long ago. My older siblings always got to do anything they want. I thought they always got to do what they wanted. They always got to go out and hangout with their friends. I never got to do anything and I always cried. Now I understand 100% why my dad said no I was a baby and my sisters and brothers are older than me. My famous line was "that's not fair". But now I understand why i wasn't aloud to do anything.
(little me) Daddy's girl and mommy's world. <3

English B
Who am I? I am a very positive, helpful, caring person. I always put other people before myself. That's why I want to be a nurse to be able to help and care for people. I think and hope people see me as a good friend and i'm always there for people and i go out of my way to help others as much as I can. I always feel better about myself at the end of the day when i help others. When people ask me for advice I don't know what to always say but i try my best to atleast help the person feel better about the situation. I want people to see me as caring, helpful, and know they can come to me about anything. this is who I think I am and who I want to be. If people see different that is ok with me. I am who I am that's not going to change.