Where I’m From
I am from the rican rice and beans.
I am from the rose, the fresh air breeze.
I am from rosaries and big butty Judy, from Delilah and Jay.
I am from Ya Tu Sabes! And Ete Ete Ete…Huh?
From Callate! And Tu Quiere Un Palmetaso?!?
I am from snato. Saturday church.
I am from Lanc city, chuletas and pastelillos.
From the fights, the drama, and the pranks.
I am from Georgia, movies, and calm and cooly.
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Identity Artifact
An artifact that represents a part of my identity is my cell phone. My phone just tells a lot about me. The phone was bought by my dad, and I am very close to him. I could talk to him about everything, and anything no matter what. Another way my cell phone represents me is all the pictures and music I have on my phone. On my phone I have pictures of my family members I am really close to, and my friends that I am close to. My friends and family mean a lot to me. They are the main reasons why I think positive and just keep it pushing. Without them I don’t know what I would do without them. My phone is very valuable to me, and the things that I have on my phone help explain what my interest are and who, and what means a lot to me.

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The Tooth Fairy
I remember when I thought that there was a tooth fairy, and one day when I lost my tooth, the next morning my tooth was still there and I was so upset. So the next night, as I was sleeping with the tooth still under my pillow, I noticed my dad putting a card under my pillow, but knowing me I was slick. I didn’t let him know I was still up, so I left it be, and as soon as he left my room, I read the card and it said, “I’m sorry I’m late, hope you forgive me love, the tooth fairy. Got me chopped! Because I knew from that day on that there was no tooth fairy, and that ends my free write.
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Theme for English B

Well imma start off by saying my name is Kiara, and I am short. Yes I said it. I am short, but I love it. I’m an easy outgoing person, and I could get along with almost anyone, unless you get on my bad side, then there is going to be some problems. Others see me as a cool down to earth, calm and coolly chick and I got a lokita side to me. I am very loud, and I say what I got to say without holding anything back. I would like others to see me how I truly am when they get to know me how I really am. Not the way other people try to portray myself to be.

The Killers Free Write

I would do the same thing Nick did. I would go warn the person, but I wont get involve with the situation because just for the whole simple fact…. I don’t like drama at all, so I would not get in it, but I don’t like people getting hurt on the rebound. Therefore I would let them know whats goody.

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6 word Memoir

Hurt, despair…still to be discovered

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