Kassidy B.

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The Where I'm from Poem

I am from my poka dot duvet, from pottery barn and my er series.
I am from the apple spice.
I am from the climbing hydrangea, the dried yellow roses.
I am from the pickle hanging on the tree and dimple chin, from Aaron and Stoltzfus.
I am from the smiling and stubborn.
From the worms crawling out of me from cookie dough and to watch our words.
I am from God is great and God is good and Shine for Jesus.
I'm from the cozy white house in Maryland, the flying Jacob on the table
From the fainting Aaron to the shot gun Dale.
I am from Maryland and the 1893 chest.

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My artifact

The artifact that represents me is my key holder. My key holder is what holds my life.
It is where you will find my identity. It holds the keys to my jeep, Sargent. He has been
passed down through the family for sixteen years. The key holder is what holds my ID for
pet therapy. My dog is my best friend and means the world to me. That is why me key
holder represents me and is my artifact.
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Free Write ( A time you felt you were treated unfairly)

A time that I felt I was treated unfairly was just last week. the Ctc bus was a little out of hand and
the bus driver took it to another level. And yes sometimes the bus is out of hand because the bus
driver was being rude they thought they should be rude back. The bus driver then told Ms. McDaniel.
Ms. McDaniel was very disappointed. And then instead of some people getting disciplined for it,
the whole bus got the consequences. We were not allowed to sit past seat 14 which then we were
all crammed together. Also teachers were all disappointed in ALL the kids on the bus, even though
some of the kids just sit there. That is a time that i felt i was treated unfairly.

WHO I AM..........


I am a very emotional caring person. I always put other people before me and i hope people can see that. I cannot wait to become a nurse due to i love working with people and i am very outgoing. I also have a compassion to other people and animals. In the past what i have done is taken animals from the human league that they were going to put down and find them homes myself. I also go on lots of mission trips with my youth group all year long. We have gone to Nicaragua, new York, Kentucky, Baltimore, and ect. I also volunteer at a nursing home. I have always had a place in my heart for the less unfortunate, kids, animals, and just people in general. And i hope when people look at e they can see that I really do care about them and their opinion!

Free write- The killers

The one character that picked that was most like me was Nick.I would try my hardest to stop them from doing it. Nick is the type that worries about people and and then goes and tries to to find out all the details and then make the situation better for them. That totally describes me. I am the type that has a big heart and is always worried whats going on in others peoples lives.

My Six word memorial

Nobody cared, then they did. Why?


1. Kassidy Jayde Beitzel
2. Curly-headed
3.English origin
4.My dad
6.I have curly hair
8. Teagan- creative charming Amber- Over active toungue
9. JD
10. Yes because not many people have that name!