Dark Memories of the bloody past

where im from

I am from color's of personality, from bic lighters and marlbro menthol ciggerettes.

I am from the smell of home cooked meals.bic.jpg

I am from the cool fall and hot summers.

I am from working at sixteen and just hanging with my brothers from long walks with grandma and pop.

I am from the family crest tattoo and sitting around the table talking.

From your never going to live through this and your going to die alone.

I am from the being roman catholic to being the young rebellion.

I am from cold winter games of the cincinnati bangles, from pizza on fridays to pasta on sunday.

From the school of hard knocks, and the pain of the memories, and the pain of living in a lie.

I am from the pictures in the hall to the cold embrace of NO love.

I am from the pain of the memories to the pain of the past.

From where the truth is life to the life not waiting to live.

I am from the memories of hate to the lossing of the family you love.life_020.JPG

I am from the talking with my friends to the losing of the people i love.

I am from the kisses of sun light in the darkness of the day to the moons cold embrce.

I am from the loving and living of ones self to open to the one who truly loves you.

I am from the kiss of honeysuckle to the smel of burning wood.

From sleeping with the deer to just being in the water.


My artifact
The artifacts that represent aspects of my identity are my two cancer care bracelets and my blue Safire ring. One detail about these three artifacts is that the two bracelets were given to me when both my mom and grandmother were diagnosed with breast cancer. The ring was given to me by my uncle right before he died of brain cancer. These three things represent my identity because my family is my life there is nothing else to me and losing people you love because of cancer is not fun to deal with. Another detail about my artifacts is that the bracelets say: say it fight it cure it. And the other says helpthefight.org. The ring is blue with a Siviler band and two diamonds on the sides of the blue Safire stone. This is important because it gives me hope that someday someone will find a cure for cancers. The web site is nice to get on and see how other people are handling the fact that they were hit with breast cancer. The ring is import because it is the color of my mom, grandmas and uncles birth stones. The reason that these three artifacts are important is because they give me the hope that someday my family can be whole again.life_001.JPG

Free write:
To loss ones childhood innocence you need to be able to know what innocence is I lost my innocence years ago. I never really had the chance to know what childhood innocence is. The people I care about in my life have nothing to do with the life I have grown up with and had for years. My friends and family look at life like there is nothing better and that’s true but when someone takes your childhood innocence at the age of five it’s hard to know what it’s like to live in a lie. The people in my life if it was not for them I would not be here for me anymore. I can’t imagine my life without the people I have in my life. I would have KILLED myself years ago if I did not know that someday I would be able to have a real life.


I am someone no one can figure out. People see me as a threat. All I do is defend my friends and really don’t let people in. I think I want people to know I am here to help out and just to be me.

6 word memoir
In pain ans alone,still waiting!