Where I'm From Poem

I am from pine woods,from the ever greens and tall buildings
I am from the plowed land
I am from the green grass, and the mossy rocks
I am from the christmas with family, and togetherness and from being called joey bronx jr to bacon
I am from rideing around
From "do as i say not as i do" and "#1 rule is everybody has fun"
I am from a mix of city and country, from sweet and spicy flavors
I am from a farm in clay

RACE Artifact

The artifact of a dogs Booda bone represents me. I represents me because i enjoy them and they have always been around.My dogs booda bone is a represation of my pets and how they are important to me.This artifact also represints how i enjoy playing with my dogs. If i didnt why would i have a Tug-of-war toy. This is why my dogs Booda bone represents me.

6 word thingy

Don't Worry, Be Happy, Live Life
Find's Fum, With Little To Nuthing
Try And Live By The First One!!