The WHERE I'm From

I am from framed pictures from hairspray and little kids.....
I am from the drama family and school,
I am from the Lilaic, the Rose
I am from one gift and home made brownies, from sisters and neices
I am from crazy and loud.
From i love you and worry about yourself
I am from Catholic. Going every Sunday
I'm from Lancaster city, steak and rice,FAITH_AND_HOPE.jpg
From the drinking, the fighting, and the cops.
I am from sleeping.



Your Identity Artifact

An artifact that represents a part of me is my gold heart neckless. I was given this neckless for christmas as a gift. This neckless was given to me from my boyfriend a true one, who had it specially made for me. The fact that he had it made just for me, shows me alot about how he feels and our relationship is important to me and him. And i never had a real man like him in my life that ever got me anything and had it made just for me with the date and all on it, and that is a part of my identity. Another reason is that he had a special note made with it, on how he feels and what he likes and wants and loves me. This neckless is just really has become a part of my life and for someone to have it made for me and have a note made with it it just really just touched me a lot.. So the note is very important to me because it shows and really feels like we are really open with each other and talk and show our feelings a lot. It means a lot in a relationship it is important to have that if you don’t have that you are not going to have a good relationship. My neckless is very specail to me and it really explains my identity a lot. So this neckless I will wear it forever and I don’t go a day with out it, if I do I feel very werid and it just don’t feel right. So there is my idenitiy writing.

babe_love.jpg 400501_309717045741773_100001104392470_907499_759658177_n.jpg

" Theme for English B":

I am Faith, others see me as tall, friendly nice, and sometimes quiet. I see myself as, honest respectful, friendly tall, and funny. I really enjoy doing things and helping my family and my boyfriend being there for them. I love having family time hanging out with them and my boyfriend, going out to eat, laughing and joking around and just having a lot of fun. Others see me as a very nice person, a person who really don't like to say no to people when they ask for something, that is something I really need to work on for myself. Because some people use me and abuse me because they no that I will give in to what they are asking for or need.I really enjoy having fun, i really don't dislike drama and fake people. Ito learn new things and meet new people, and try new things. My family and boyfriend are very important to me because they are always there for me and never judge me and always listen to my problems, and help me out with everything, they are my main people in my life and my dad if he was here. I want people to see me as a good and big hearted person for others, and caring and also kind. Also as a nice and good friend, and great person to talk to, and also be that one they come to, to talk to when they need someone or anything. I also want people to look at me as a very sweet and awesome person to be around because i love to have fun and do new things and explore the world and things around me. I mean i am a real up front person and I respect others and i am always honest with others and there for anyone who needs someone to cry on or just to listen to them i want to be seen and a different person.


Me <3

Childhood Free write:
Something I strongly remember from my childhood, that made me grow up was, my dad death. It is so hard to see your loved one past away right in front of you and in your arms. When the person that was your mom and your father that did both jobs in your life it is hard to forget something like that. How it made me grow up is. Everyone knows that days come and days go and you never know when it will be your day, people come and people go too. But it is a hard thing so face and remember as a little girl and that is something that i will carry around with me all my life. Death happens to everyone it is just something that happens with everyone and something people don't like to hear or talk or even think about it. I mean it is hard and sad to say that life goes on but people and things can't stop living or anything because loved ones passed away i mean when it happened to me with my dad I made me want to hurt or stop my life because it just wasn't the same without him. It took a big part out of my life and felt like i lost everything. My fathers death is something that will just stick out to me for the rest of my life no matter what happens or what I do it will always be there. But I think to myself every day look how far i got and look where my life is heading but I really would love to have him here, but I know he is looking down on me and keeping me safe and is proud of me and that is all that matters, I want him to be happy.

The Killers
I am more like Nick, because I am the kind of person to get away from things, and stop things. I want to keep everyone happy, positive, and friendly. I am the kind of person to run away from killing, and stuff, I can't do that kind of thing I be scared, and going crazy. After it was all over I would want to run away and never come back that is what Nick wanted to do. I am to much of a kind and caring person to do anything as bad as killing.