Where I'm From

I am from Bacon, from Playstation 3, and Beds.
I am from the average suburban townhouse.
I am from Summer Cookouts with the family, and from Sandy and George.
I am from making everything a sandwich.
I am from Reason and Logic.
I am from Atheism preferring Reason, Logic, and Science.
I am from Lancaster County.
I am from the time when my great uncle was shot down over Germany and from the time my grandmother met Joe Paterno.

Race Artifact

My artifact is my Ipod, it represents multiple aspects of my identity. The music on my Ipod represents the actions I take in life. My music motivates me to make good choices and take action when it's necessary. My Ipod represents my ability to buckle-down and focus on a task. The music on my Ipod lets me relax when I'm tense. My Ipod is the perfect artifact to represent my identity.

"The Killers" Free-Write

I Think I would have done the same thing Nick did. I would have at least tried to warn the poor guy that a bunch of Mobsters have a hit out on him and want him dead. This says I'd try to insert myself into that situation and intervene, I'd do that because whatever Ole did, he probably doesn't deserve to die over it.

Six Word Memoir

I hope procrastination isn't my destination.