The I'M FROM Template
I am from , from iTunes and Music.I am from the crazy Puerto Ricans that run around loud .
I am from the rose , the thorns .I am from the Christmas and love, from Tashi and Gordo .
I am from the ya tu sabe and claro que si .From tu quiere un cocotaso y un punyo en tu brazo .I am from God , Holy Bible.
I'm from Puerto Rico , rice and beans .From the pellayas , the arguments , and the fus .I am from the wall mural of family memories of love and that represent our identity in nature.
Free Write ( A time Where You Untreated...]

A Time I was felt untreated was my mom tells me that I am allowed to go somewhere. So I get all excited and pumped up for it. Then when it comes down to it at the last minute she says I’m NOT allowed to do it or I can’t go to this place or that place with anyone. For example like senior week my cousins asked me to go along with them in the beginning of June. I simply new my mother was going to say "no" because she knows how my cousins act and when we are all together something tends to ALWAYS happen.
So I told them to ask for me .
So they did and my mom at first said no then she said yea once she told them all was free because there renting out a beach house. But now she’s debating on it all because her boyfriend and people are putting in their input and claiming dumb things. But since she’s the role of the mother I guess she can say where I can go and with whom.
* Fingers crossed *. STILL HOPING I CAN GO ALONG (;

Using RACE with Your Identity Artifact


An artifact that represents part of my identity is my silver heart necklace. I have had this necklace since my sixteenth birthday; it was a gift, and it is something that means a lot to me. The necklace was given by a guy friend named Jose. 296915_240830755968793_100001256116112_706987_665520581_n.jpgfact that he was and still is a great best friend makes it mean so much to me. Another detail about the necklace that symbolizes my sweet 16. The heart represents all the love and moments we cherish, not only me and him as being friends but the

good and bad times throughout my party. My necklace is special to me and the details of my necklaces’ memories help explain a few aspects of my sweet 16.

321137_268680749850460_100001256116112_793626_1960341833_n.jpg Themes for English B Quick Write :
Sooo...I'm going to start off by stating my REAL name first Desiree , I go by "NuNu'" I'm very outgoing like to have fun and party/chill with friends :) Just Like To be out and have a blast.
I'm very chill and get along with most unless I have a reason to you...From Kiara's point of view I'm very lokitahhhhhhh (meaning CRAZY] funny, and L O U D =D
I would like others to see me as the person I am inside and not as others stat and judge me for the way the view me and hear about without knowing the real me.

Killers ; Freewriteee

I would choose to be Nick. Because if I were in his shoes I would do the same as him and keep back from all that happen and keep quiet but if I were asked then id be as he were and let them know or just keep to myself. But Id keep laid back and do me J This says about my identity that I'm cool calm and peaceful I'm not up for the drama or problems then come to me and if they do I try and avoid them all


*sad,unspoken still waiting to appear