Andrew Marnoch
My Artifact
An artifact that represents part of my identity is my old cell phone.
I only had the phone for 2 years.
I was given the phone at 12 for my birthday.
Receiving this present shower that I was responsible enough to have a phone, but also reliable enough to call my parents to let them know what I am doing.
Receiving a cell phone as a gift was very meaningful to me.
The reason the cell phone is meaningful to me is because it was my first cell phone so it was big deal to me, to receive a gift this spectacular.
This artifact means a lot to me and I never want to lose it.

What I couldn’t control
I don’t remember anything, I don’t remember my childhood, I don’t remember what the weather was like when I was a kid, I don’t remember the Thanksgiving dinners I use to eat , I don’t remember the Christmas presents I got as a child, I don’t remember the places I went to with my friends, I remember the classes I had in school, I don’t remember walking to school, I don’t remember the games I use to play, I don’t remember the TV shows I use to watch, I don’t remember what my sister looks like because I haven’t seen her in more than 5 years, I don’t remember the toys I had, I don’t remember some of my friends growing up, I don’t remember the vacations I took as a child if there were any, I don’t remember girlfriend I’ve dated, I don’t remember , I just don’t remember. If I do remember anything it’s that I kept smashing my head into things I know this because I had horns the size of a fist by the time I was in elementary school, I remember how much people hated me because of the way I was, I remember growing up without friends because of the way I was,, nobody knows me for me I’m one of those people that are judge by their looks or the way they act. So when you think about it I’m glad I don’t remember anything because my life sucked so badly when I was growing up. When you ask me what it was like for me growing up & know that if I can’t remember anything an hour before how can I remember my childhood, that’s something I can’t control what do you have?